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RoosArt is working on this big project in Oss (the Netherlands) right now! 


Newest projects


Oil & acrylic paintings

RoosArt is specialised in portrait painting, but she also likes to create animals, flowers and more. Her painting style is (hyper)realism.


Murals & Street art

RoosArt ended up in the top 5 of the category ''People's favorite'' during The Street Art Awards 2018 Benelux. It's a big price in the world of street art and graffiti. RoosArt likes to make portraits and provocative pieces with a message. 

Hengelo Marilyn Monroe 003.jpg

Workshops & Readings

Roosart provides art classes and readings about (street) art. Contact RoosArt for more information.


is to make the world

a bit more




''My name is Rosalie de Graaf (1999) and I'm a young artist from the Netherlands. I started painting at the age of fourteen and I have not stop making art since. At age eightteen I started my own business in art. I maintly make realistic street art and oil paintings, but I also focus on designing tattoos, clothing, websites, digital design and more.  I won the award for ''Best Young Entrepreneur'' of the Netherlands 2019. My mission is to travel around the world and leave my artistic footprint everywhere.'' 

(Future) Collaborations

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