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My story

The artist behind RoosArt is Rosalie de Graaf

''My name is Roos (1999) and I'm a young artist from the Netherlands. I started making oil paintings at the age of fourteen years old and I haven't stop making art since. I mainly focus on making street art, teaching about street art at schools and giving workshops. I also make clothing, tattoo designs and more.


I do a lot of commissioned work for people, businesses and organisations. I decided to quit medicine and set my medical career completely aside. Making art is my passion. It's something that I want to give my undivided attention to. My mission is to travel around the world and leave my artistic footprint everywhere.  I want to become a great artist and show to other girls (and boys) that street art and graffiti is not only meant for men.


I had my first art exhibition in Holland in September 2018. In the same month I got nominated for the Street Art Awards Benelux 2018. I ended up in the top 5 of the category ''People's favorite'', a exciting achievement. I regulary appear in Dutch newspapers, radio and television shows. I got to travel to Asia and collaborated with big artists like Kenji Chai, who is one of the biggest street artists in Asia. I also did an art show in Bali together with Rony Indô, an French-Indonesian prince. I made two movies: one short film in Kuala Lumpur and one film in Bali. In June 2019 Dutch mobile data company collaborated with RoosArt and made me one of the faces of their new campaign called ''Online Heroes''. 


In december 2019 I won my biggest price so far. I won ''the Best Young Entrepreneur award 2019'' (the Netherlands).

I also won the Bep van de Velden Award in 2021, a price for female entrepreneurs.

In May 2022 I started my own street art school: the RoosArt Academy! I teach people how to paint my way with my techniques in a big old warehouse (Loc 17) in Doesburg, the Netherlands. It's amazing to share your passion with as many people as possible!

RoosArt is now a growing business and spreading around the world. Follow me on my journey by adding me on Instagram or Facebook @RoosArtPaintings.



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