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Silos Aalten

The first street artwork of the Silo Art Tour is a fact! RoosArt painted four portraits on silos at '''Boederij 't Westendorp''  in Aalten. Every portait tells a story. Watch the videos to learn more about this huge artwork. 

Luca is painted on the first silo. He's the son of farmer Suzanne Ruesink, the owner of the farm. He symbolizes yought and farming and tells the story of this farm (Farm & Country Fair, pig farm and more).

Jelle van Gorkom, Olympic BMX racer, is painted on the second silo. He respresents sports in "de Achterhoek" and resillience, because he had a big accident and is currently rehabilitating.

Next to Jelle sits Mrs. Meekes. She is one of the oldest visitors of de Zwarte Cross and celebrated her birthday at the festival. Thousands of people sang her a birthdaysong. After she went home, she wrote a letter to the festival organization, telling them it was the best day of her life. After that, she passed away. Mrs. Meekes symbolizes the community and shows age doesn't play a part: all ages party together.


Ronnie Degen is painted on the right silo. He's is the owner of the dutch festival Zwarte Cross and respresent entrepreneurship.

The Silo Art Tour will be realized in ''de Achterhoek'' (the Netherlands) in 2021. A tour that leads visitors to eye-catching locations related to the agricultural sector. Street artists turned these places into art. The street art pieces tell a story about the local history and people. 

The first artwork is realized in Aalten in november 2020. The other artwork will follow in 2021.

This project is made possible by

Stichting Achterhoek Toerisme, Cultuur- en Erfgoedpact Achterhoek, Cultuur Oost, Stichting Pak An, Pfeifer Heavy Machinery.

Photos: Thijs Rensink, Ruth van Schriek.

November, 2020

Aalten, the Netherlands

Turning silos into a piece of art!

Turning silos into a piece of ART!
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