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Achterhoekse Nachtwacht

This piece is a modern version of painting ''de Nachtwacht'' (Rembrandt) and located in restaurant Vanouds! It took more than 60 hours of work and is made with brushes and acrylic paint. The people in the painting are famous people in the region (Doetinchem). It contains local football players, musicians, pub and store owners, etc. Location: Grutstraat 43, Doetinchem.

August, 2021

Doetinchem, The Netherlands

People included in painting:

Revelman, Tante Lien, Rogier Meijer, Guus Hiddink, Klaas-Jan Huntelaar, Cornelis Misit, Keet, Joop Sars, Herman Vermeer, Hans Keuper, Bert Heerink, Jan Huls, Appie Ketz, Jan Rietman, Bennie Jolink, George Buttner and more.

TikTok Video Achterhoekse Nachtwacht

TikTok Achterhoekse Nachtwacht
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