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Portrait of Salvador Dalí in Barcelona

RoosArt painted a portrait of Salvador Dalí in Barcelona, Spain. This piece is made with spray paint on a shutter in one day. 

July, 2020

Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona dali 005 B2 k.jpg

Caravan with bees and flowers

RoosArt painted this caravan with spray paint and acrylics. The carvan will be used at music fastivals, combining music and gardening! By planting seeds that encaurage pollinators such as bees and other insects to a garden, you provide beeswith a constant source of food. Bees play a tremendously important role in our ecosystems, so let's spread some seeds!

June, 2020

Nijmegen, the Netherlands


Caravan bijen bloemen.jpg

HUGE Old Warehouse mural

RoosArt turned a huge white wall into a realistic mural. This piece is completely made with spray paint and is located in the office of Urban Industrial in Amsterdam. The mural of an old warehouse took around 130 hours to finish.

February, 2020

The Netherlands


banner Urban Industrial.png

Painting Flower Bird

''Flower Bird'' is a painting on canvas inspired by the beautiful flower piece of Flora Forager. The artwork is made with acryl paint and spray paint on a 120 x 160 cm canvas. Prints are available for sale in the RoosArt Store



October 2019

The Netherlands


Flower Bird website 001.jpg

Wien Museum

''Sold Conscience'' is a mural insinde Wien Museum in Vienna, Austria. This piece will be showcased at ''Takeover Show'' at Wien Museum from 4th of July to 1st of September. The image is a recreation of masterpiece ''Sold Conscience'' by Kalejayeot Artworks (@kalejaye_o_t). This piece was inspired by ''money politics'' ravaging in Africa and the severe consequences of a ''sold conscience'' on the populace. The project is part of the Hands Off The Wall festival 2019.

July 2019

Vienna, Austria


Wien museum numbers speak 001.jpg

Tele 2 online campaign

RoosArt is one of the faces of the online campaign of data company Tele 2. She can be spotted in online ads in the Netherlands. 

June 2019

The Netherlands


tele 2 reclame 001.jpg

Art show Bali

Holland and Indonesia unite at an unique art show in Bali. RoosArt collaborated with artist Rôny Indô, an French-Indonesian Prince. The two artists combined their completely different art styles and made some colorful paintings on canvas together. The art show takes place at Métis restaurant and gallery, a combination of fine dining and fine art (on the 21st of February 2019).  The profits go to charity: a local school that teaches little children English and other subjects.

February 2019

Bali, Indonesia


Bali Rony Indo 014.jpg

Mural of Kissing Monkeys

RoosArt painted two kissing chimpanzees on a shutter in the streets of Barcelona during a paint session with JEBA (@jebaldn). A couple spay cans and three hours later...

July, 2020

Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona monkeys 002 B2 k.jpg

Free Fall mural at High School Marianum

RoosArt painted a mural at High School Marianum Lichtenvoorde. The school was completely emty due to the corona ''lockdown''. A surprise awaited for the students, when they were able to go to school again. This piece is about 18 square meters and completely made with spray paint and acrylics.

May, 2020

Lichtenvoorde, the Netherlands


Free Fall Marianum 010.jpg

TV Interview ''Heroes of 2019''

RoosArt won the award for ''Best Young Entrepreneur 2019'' in the Netherlands. Omroep Gelderland invited Rosalie to the ''Heroes of 2019'' TV show to talk about her success in 2019. Watch the video here.


December 2019

The Netherlands


klein bestand Omroep Gelderland.jpg

BeeldBrengers TV Interview

Beeldbrengers TV visited and made a short documentary about the story of RoosArt! Watch the video here.


October 2019

Doesburg, the Netherlands


Website 002.jpg

Hands off the Wall

Hands off the Wall is Europe's leading street art and graffiti festival for woman. RoosArt is one of the four headliners during the festival at Yppenplatz Vienna Austria. 

July 2019

Vienna, Austria


Hands off the wall Vienna 2019 002.jpg

Duncan Laurence

Duncan Laurence has won the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest for the Netherlands with his song 'Arcade'. RoosArt painted his portrait at the street art festival in Hengelo on the day Duncan went on stage. Duncan saw the paintings on social media right before he performed. A dutch article describes the story. 

May 2019

Hengelo, the Netherlands


Duncan Hengelo 001.jpg

The Falcon 

''The Falcon'' is a mural in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This piece is a collab with well known Malaysian artist Kenji Chai, one of the biggest street artists in Asia. Kenji made the bird and RoosArt did the portrait.

January 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur The Falcon 1a.JPG

Mural ''Pasión'' in Barcelona

RoosArt painted this mural in Barcelona, Spain. This piece is made with spray paint in one day during the Meeting of Styles festival Barcelona 2020. 

July, 2020

Barcelona, Spain


A Barcelona eindresultaat 001k.jpg

Freedom street art project

RoosArt painted four portraits in the city centre to celebrate Liberation Day in the Netherlands. This street art piece took 50 hours and is completely made with spray paint and acrylics. People should ''open their eyes'''and realise freedom doesn't come naturally. RoosArt adresses different topics mentioned in the constitution like freedom of religion (praying), right to marry (wedding ring on finger), education (book), property (flowers) and freedom of speech (finger on mouth). A project by Stichting Montferland Cultuurfonds.

April, 2020

's-Heerenberg, the Netherlands


Freedom 001.jpg

Best Young Entrepreneur 2019 Netherlands! 

The winners of ''De Jonge 100'' (The young 100) were announced in Amsterdam on December 1st. ''De Jonge 100'' is a list of Hollands best and most promosing young people from the age of 18 up to 25 years. RoosArt won the award for Best Young Entrepreneur 2019 of the Netherlands! 


Read an article about RoosArt winning the award here (Dutch).



December 2019

The Netherlands


award 003.jpg

National Neighbor Day 

The first RoosArt event is a fact! On National Neighborday we created an opportunity for neighbors to get to know each other better. Young and older people came together for a day of fun!


This event is powered by Cambio Buurtbeheer and Jongerencentrum Doesburg.


September 2019

Doesburg, the Netherlands


Beumerskamp 001.jpg


''Connection'' is a 9 meters high mural in Doesburg, the Netherlands. A century ago, the building used to be a train station. The mural connects the new city (the little boy) to the old city (train). It took three full days of paintings and is completely made with spray paint. The project is curated by Jongerencentrum Doesburg and Lock 17.

June 2019

Doesburg, the Netherlands


Connection 011.jpg

A star is born

''A star is born'' is a mural in Wijchen, the Netherlands. This artwork is inspired by the Grammy award winning song ''Shallow'' and movie by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

March 2019

Wijchen, the Netherlands


Lady Gaga A star is born mural 01.jpg

Thai Dancer

This mural is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The city, Chiang Mai, is called ''The Rose of the north. This name inspired RoosArt to make a piece like this. RoosArt her goal is to spread her ''rose petals'', her art, all over Asia.

December 2018

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai Thai dancer 1a.jpg

Oil & acrylic paintings

RoosArt is specialised in portrait painting, but she also likes to create animals, flowers and more. Her painting style is (hyper)realism.


Murals & Street art

RoosArt ended up in the top 5 of the category ''People's favorite'' during The Street Art Awards 2018 Benelux. It's a big price in the world of street art and graffiti. RoosArt likes to make portraits and provocative pieces with a message. 

Tattoo Design

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Finding a tattoo design that you want inked on your skin forever is a process. RoosArt can help bring your ideas to life. Contact RoosArt for more information.


is to make the world

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''My name is Rosalie de Graaf (1999) and I'm a young artist from Holland. My artist name is ''RoosArt''. I started painting at the age of fourteen and I have not stop making art since. I started my own little business at eightteen years old. I maintly make realistic oil paintings and street art, but I also focus on designing tattoos, clothing, websites, digital design and more. My mission is to travel around the world and leave my artistic footprint everywhere.'' 

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